December 10th, 2008



Showing just how backed up I am in pictures, here are (finally) a few from Halloween. Halloween here was pretty fun, actually. No trick or treating in Japan, but there were costume contests on campus, so a good number of people were at school that day in costume.

Apparently (among college guys, at least, not sure how this translates to other, perhaps less insane age groups) the popular costume for guys is maid. As in, the fairly innacurate, serve you tea and crumpets victorian maid outfit. I must have seen at least six (Japanese) guys in maid costumes, plus at least one non-japanese guy. (The second picture here, he happened to be in my Japanese class, as well, and won a prize in the costume contest.)

I don't have too many pictures, but here are a few of the ones that turned out well. I was a pirate that day. :)

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School festivals are a big deal in Japan. Most schools (Elementary through college, I think) have them at least once a year, and there's usually tons of food, games, music, etc. At Kansai Gaidai's most student groups and clubs, plus groups and clubs from nearby high schools, had food booths, plus there was music going all the time and performances in various parts of the school. The festival went from Friday through Sunday. The Japanese students actually had class off on friday (though the foreign kids didn't), but we ended up eating both lunch and dinner at the festival Friday, plus dinner on Saturday, and lunch and dinner on Sunday. And we still hadn't tried everything by the end of the weekend.

They had really adorable signs advertising various food booths. Although advertising pork with a cute little pig seems a bit suspect to me...

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