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The cafeteria at Kansai Gaidai is really nice. I bet we'll get sick of it soon enough (And I suspect the food is so great more because of novelty than because it's amazingly cooked) but they have ramen, udon, donburi, and curry rice every day, which we're all still pretty excited about.

My friend Vicki with soba

We went to the mall the other day to pick up a few things and grab dinner, which for me was takoyaki, otherwise known as octopus dumplings. They're actually really good, but the gross part is they use very recognizable chunks of octopus in them. (The flakes on top are fish flakes.)

It's aliiive.

After the mall was karaoke at a game center, which was surprisingly a lot of fun.

The game center:

Laura and Liv playing the taicho drumming game.

The front of the game center near Makino station (the nearest train station to campus/the dorms)

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