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Den Den Town and Fushimi Inari

More pictures! Sorry I'm so bad about posting these. Things have gotten incredibly busy recently. A while back we went to Osaka and Den Den Town for Casey's Birthday. Den Den Town, the actual Japanese name for it, is the "electronics" district of Osaka, which inevitably turned it into geek central. You can get really cheap electronics and computer stuff there (several of us bought 1 gig micro sd cards that were on sale for about five dollars American, which has basically turned my cell phone here into an ipod nano) and also have a lot of fun people watching dorky Japanese boys buy manga and pokemon figurines and the like. We also had a really great lunch with Casey's old TA, who lives near Kansai Gaidai now.

I bought Casey a bunch of candy for her birthday, including chocolate "hamburgers" which were sort of bizarre looking but pretty delicious.

Lots of Studio Gibli stuff in a rather dorky shop we found.

And some fun Engrish advertising a movie theater, I think.

We also went to Fushimi Inari (the fox god) Shrine with my religion in Japan Class. Which was really beautiful, though basically situated on top of a mountain. After a while the climb started to seem a bit endless, especially since every time we thought we'd gotten to the top and were now heading back down we'd suddenly realize we were starting to go even farther up. I was supposed to meet up with Kelly, who's studying in Kyoto right now, before our tour of the shrine, but she got a bit lost so we met up afterwards and went out to dinner in Kyoto with her.

I have to run home now, so there isn't a whole lot of explanation of the pictuers up there, but if you have any questions or comments or anything, feel free to comment here!
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